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The online Slickline Basic Training course provides a solid theoretical introduction to Slickline, divided into seven separate courses comprising of eighteen individual easy to follow lessons. Each lesson covers one major aspect of Slickline enabling the student, who may have very little exposure or knowledge of Slickline, to gain a clear understanding of the subject. The lessons flow naturally from an introduction through to more complex equipment subjects, with each lesson delivering the knowledge required to fully engage in the subject.


What's available and what's coming

  • AVAILABLE NOW - Slickline Basic Training Course, for new starters in Slickline, subjects from an introduction to the oil field up to technical subjects such as remedial tools and pulling tool

  • COMING SOON - Slickline Basic Supplementary Course, five additional subjects to complement the existing Slickline Basic Course

  • IN DEVELOPMENT - Slickline Intermediate Training Course, consisting of 12 subjects focusing on specific areas of Slickline operations and the tools and equipment used in them

  • FUTURE COURSES - courses covering advanced Slickline subjects such as braided cable, gas lift and fishing


Training the Slickline Connect way provides some clear and distinct training advantages


    Virtual training is a very practical method of providing a theoretical Slickline training course


    Online training can be accessed from anywhere at any time with an internet access, computer, tablet or phone.


    To every individual situation, independent of time or other constraints.

Any Questions

  • You can contact Slickline Connect at any time to discuss any training related issue, use our dedicated training email address: - training @slk-connect.com

  • We are also always available for face to face calls, for discussions on any training related question, feel free to book a zoom call via our web site training page https://www.slk-connect.com/training/

  • We're here to take the Slickline training journey with you, don't hesitate to make contact with Slickline Connect no matter what subject you wish to discuss

  • Contact Slickline Connect (info@slk-connect.com) to dicuss group rates or other commercial questions, Slickline Connects's training is adaptable and flexible to all requirements

Slickline Basic Training Course

Ready to Give it a Go

The starting point of the Slickline Basic Training Course is the Oil & Gas & Slickline Introduction. This is a FREE OF CHARGE lesson designed to give the student a taste of the style and method of the training course. Start by downloading the supporting documents which accompany the training, next, view the video and then participate in a sample quiz - discover how simple and easy is to learn about Slickline - fully satisfied with the learning experience, then sign up and pay for Section 2 of the training course. Note sections 2 through to 6 require a payment to access. However, remember you may be eligible for a generous discount, contact Slickline Connect to check what is available